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Case Results

  • Immigration Consequences Averted, Aggravated Felony Charges Dismissed

    July 2023

    Client charged with multiple crimes, including one that was considered an aggravated felony for immigration purposes. Client was undocumented and was at risk of deportation should he be convicted as charged. After working closely with the prosecutor, client was able to plea guilty to the lowest c... Read On

  • DUI Dismissed After Speedy Trial Demand

    November 2022

    Client got into a minor car accident on I-85. No one was injured and both cars waiting for police to arrive to report the accident. Client had been at a friend's house the night before. He had slept in his clothes and they had been drinking the night before. Georgia State Patrol responded to the ... Read On

  • Disorderly Conduct and Obstruction of a Police Officer Dismissed in Gwinnett County

    February 2023

    J.A. was suffering from a mental health episode and was taken to the hospital to seek help. Based on his medical condition, J.A. struggled to convey what he needed. An aggressive law enforcement officer approached our client and began to interfere with his ability to get the help that he needed. ... Read On

  • Violation of Protective Order Charges Dismissed and TPO Vacated in Gwinnett County

    March 2023

    T.A. retained our office after being arrested in Gwinnett County for violating a protective order. The list of charges continued to stack up against T.A. before he found an aggressive trial attorney that was willing to fight tooth and nail on his behalf. An improper family violence protective ord... Read On

  • Battery Dismissed in Gwinnett County Avoiding an Aggravated Felony

    June 2023

    Our client first approached our office after his estranged wife falsely reported that he abused her just days before he was to be sworn in as a United States citizen. After a comprehensive investigation, it became clear that the wife vindictively made the report to destroy our client's ability to... Read On

  • Recent Entry Asylum Seekers Granted Immigration Bond from Stewart Immigration Court

    July 2023

    After fleeing for his life, our client was taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when he entered the United States. As a recent entry asylum seeker from Egypt, our client's family contacted Kozycki Law seeking help to get him released from immigration detention. Kozycki ... Read On

  • Another Case Dismissed in Gwinnett County

    May 2023

    Case Dismissed in Gwinnett: Green Card Holder Charged with Family Violence: Battery Read On

  • Aggravated Felony Dismissed in Cobb County

    July 2022

    From 4 Aggravated Felonies to All Charges Dismissed and Naturalization Approved: Our client placed his trust in the team at Kozycki Law. Coming into our first meeting, our client had multiple serious felony charges, by the end of our work we had all charges dismissed and our team got the client approved for his United States Citizenship. Read On