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Violation of Protective Order Charges Dismissed and TPO Vacated in Gwinnett County

March 2023

T.A. retained our office after being arrested in Gwinnett County for violating a protective order. The list of charges continued to stack up against T.A. before he found an aggressive trial attorney that was willing to fight tooth and nail on his behalf. An improper family violence protective order was issued against T.A. against his neighbor. Next, T.A. was found to have violated the order for being in his own home. Once we took over, we quickly filed motions in both State and Superior Court to defeat both the alleged violation and next to have the TPO vacated in its entirety.

Without someone in your corner, the system is built to push you down. Kozycki Law gives a voice to those taken advantage of. T.A. was quickly released from jail and soon after had all charges against him dismissed.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Court: Gwinnett County State Court

Anthony L. Kozycki

Criminal Defense Lawyer