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USCIS reviews approximately 6 million petitions annually from individuals and employers

Make sure your application or petition is prepared by an experienced U.S. immigration attorney to avoid delay and possibly denial.

What to expect from our U.S. immigration lawyers:

  • Flat fee immigration representation
  • Included Request for Evidence responses
  • Copy of your complete USCIS file
  • FBI approved fingerprinting services
  • Unlimited communication directly with an attorney
  • Business and contract consulting for employment matters
  • Personal appearances at interviews and hearings

Experienced immigration representation for every step:

  • Free immigration consultation with an attorney
  • USCIS applications
  • NVC case assistance
  • U.S. Consulate processing
  • Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Detention / removal hearings
  • Department of State requests
  • U.S. Immigration Court


At Kozycki Law we are passionate advocates for immigrant rights and current regulation reform. We provide affordable immigration assistance to businesses, individuals, and families undergoing the U.S. immigration process. It is the mission of our office to keep families together, provide prosperous employment opportunities, and open educational pathways to persons seeking either a temporary or permanent stay in the United States.

Ms. Kozycki was very helpful towards my situation. She was able to contact people we couldn't. She got our case expedited in a timely manner and always kept me up to date and responded quickly to my inquiries. - Past client


Pursuing any immigration benefit in the U.S., or from beyond the borders, is often a lengthy process that requires patience, experience, and dedication. Our U.S. immigration lawyers aim to always provide you the most current information about your case, including how to begin, what to expect realistically, and how to plan accordingly. For many clients, there is a great deal of planning that is involved in the immigration process. When should you buy plane tickets? What if you move? When can you begin working? We will answer your questions at every turn, and you will feel very connected to your pending case. Our U.S. immigration lawyers are here to assist you at every turn, giving you confidence that you are heading in the right direction.

No two immigration matters are ever the same. For that reason, we provide personalized document checklists at the outset of your case so that you know what you need for the duration of your application process. We can help you obtain medical records, birth records abroad, and other official records necessary for your application. Translation services are available as well.


Immigration is based primarily in the Immigration and Nationality Act, is analyzed by federal case law, and annotated by several field manuals. The laws governing U.S. immigration are complex and ever-changing, especially in a time of immigration debate. Navigating this process has become increasingly difficult. The benefit of experienced representation is that you will know if you are eligible for an exception to a regulation, can benefit under a new federal case, or have any remaining options when facing a deportation. Your attorney will keep you informed, always make sure you are applying for the correct benefits, and that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities as an immigrant in the U.S.


File a petition too early and you will lose the filing fee to USCIS and receive a denial. Wait too long to renew your work authorization and face unauthorized employment allegations or a gap in employment. We endeavor to make sure your case is promptly filed at the soonest eligible time and that you are reminded when it is time to renew, extend, or change your status while in the U.S. Missing a deadline can be very expensive, and sometimes mean you have to leave the U.S. immediately.

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