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Battery Dismissed in Gwinnett County Avoiding an Aggravated Felony

June 2023

Our client first approached our office after his estranged wife falsely reported that he abused her just days before he was to be sworn in as a United States citizen. After a comprehensive investigation, it became clear that the wife vindictively made the report to destroy our client's ability to stay in the United States. Once the police were called, they immediately took the wife's side. This was despite repeated statements that directly contradicted the evidence present in the body-worn camera footage.

Once Kozycki Law took over the case, we took a deep dive into the police reports, body-worn camera footage, and supplemental evidence. We completed a thorough investigation and aggressively filed motions to prove to the court that our client was totally innocent. 

Our client put his trust in our team and was rewarded handsomely with all charges against him being completely and totally dismissed. We aren't happy with settling with good enough. When it comes to innocence, nothing but a complete and total dismissal is enough.

When he first came to our office, USCIS had denied his Naturalization and was preparing to place him in removal proceedings. We are delighted to announce that he is now a United States citizen!

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Court: Gwinnett County State Court

Anthony L. Kozycki

Criminal Defense Lawyer