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DUI Dismissed After Speedy Trial Demand

November 2022

Client got into a minor car accident on I-85. No one was injured and both cars waiting for police to arrive to report the accident. Client had been at a friend's house the night before. He had slept in his clothes and they had been drinking the night before. Georgia State Patrol responded to the car accident and the Trooper immediately began accusing my client of being drunk. 

Our client explained the situation to the Trooper, but despite this, the Trooper quickly jumped to assumptions. Before our client could reason with the Trooper he was placed under arrest. The DUI arrest put our client's employment in jeopardy. It was essential to get the case dismissed as soon as possible. 

Our Speedy Trial Demand forced the case to the front of the line and we were quickly able to secure a full and final dismissal of all charges against him.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense, DUI / DWI

Court: Gwinnett County State Court

Anthony L. Kozycki

Criminal Defense Lawyer