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the best possible outcome.

I live out of state, and this past July, while visiting friends I was arrested for a BUI (boating under the influence) during my stay with friends. I was completly lost on what to do, how to handle the situation, have absolutely no experience with the court system. I did the only thing I could think of, and that was google search for Georgia lawyers with BUI experience. I got lucky, there were many choices, but I chose Ms Kozycki by literally flipping a coin. I inquired about her services via their web site and she contacted me that day. She took care of everything, had the charges reduced so a BUI would not be on my record and I only had to make the trip back to Georgia (an 8 hour drive) 1 time, and the entire procedure was over in less than 30 minutes. I could not have been more pleased, I can't see how the procedure could have been any easier. If you have a similar situation, I would highly recommend contacting Rebecca Kozycki. Talk to her for 5 minutes, and you will realize she knows what she is talking about, understands your situation, and will guide you through the process for you to have the best possible outcome.

– Anonymous